144MHz all mode Transceiver

(PE1ITR 2016-05-24)
In the period 1984 to 1991, I used a homemade 144MHz transceiver for VHF dxing. After that there was period when I was not much QRV. When I became QRV again I bought a commercial multi-band transceiver in order to replace a few square meters of transceivers and transverters. I made this webpage to document my old and well functioning homemade transceiver. Occasionally, the device is still used for experiments.
The transceiver was based on the Braun SE400 transceiver. Interestingly, the PLL in the VFO is made with a delay line of a color television. One revolution of the dial is 15.625KHz equal to the line frequency of the old analog television standard.
The intermediate frequency is 9 MHz. The modes: USB, LSB, CW and FM. The transceiver operates from 144 to 146 MHz (in fact 142.5 - 147.3MHz) and the output is 3 watts. At that time I received a verification of the radio monitoring service and this transceiver complied with the rules of unwanted emissions and was then approved.

front view

rear view

top view

bottom plan view

Oscillator view

Below detail pictures of the VFO. These are from a second transceiver designed for 432MHz that I never finished.



64uS Delay line

Old page

I have an old web page with pictures of the same transceiver. Here is a link.

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