2011-07-24 DAB DX on Breezanddijk (Afsluitdijk)

(2011-07-24) PE1ITR
FM-DX and DAB-DX expedition to Breezanddijk, Afsluitdijk

Nice expedition with Gerard PE1BBI to the afsluitdijk. Despite the bad weather we could receive far stations. Our main goal was DAB DX.
Equipment: sony xdr S3hd and 7 el Yagi, SDQ-IQ + Perses converter and 7 el OWA Yagi 104-108MHz, DAB: Sangean DPR-69 + Preamp and 10 el yagi
We first wanted to stand down the embankment in order to get to use the shield of the dike. But the tide was rapidly so we have moved to the dike.

The Result for DAB:
11b Humberside 430km
11b Norwich 266Km
11c Kent 260Km
11d D1 National
11d TEST NRW K11 250Km
12a DRN Nieders.
12a VRT DAB 200Km
12a Yorkshire 510Km
12b bbc national dab
12b RTBF DAB 200Km
12c publieke omroep
12d NRW K12
12d Peterborough 370Km

There was a lot of qsb on the signals. So only received the mux id.
Link to DAB antenna.

Link to FM BAND2 LOG

73 Rob PE1ITR