(2015-08-05) PE1ITR
This part of the website is about my FM-DX and DAB-DX experiments and equipment.


  • Receiver
  • FM Antenna
  • OWL antenna experiments with 9el yagi 106 MHz


  • DAB Receiver
  • DAB Antenna 10el Yagi 222MHz
  • DAB Antenna 3el Yagi 195MHz

    175 to 260MHz is interesting part of the spectrum:
    In the old days band 3 (175MHz - 240MHz) was used for television broadcasting. I received television stations with some nice dx. Look here for some pictures.
    Nowadays the television transmitters are switched of and dab-dxing is the new game. Best dx is 730km. Look here. And here.
    A few years ago the where strong radar transmitters active in the USA. The main transmitter was active on 216.980MHz. The radar could be received by moon or passive satellite reflection but is switched off now. Look here and here for my experiments with this radar.

    This pictures shows the dab transmitter spectrum around my house on a simple antenna. On channel 11C, 12A and 12C a strong dab transmitter. On channel 11D a weak transmitter. The red line is on 222.100MHz. In region 1 is this an amateur radio band. I used a 222 to 28MHz converter to make this picture.

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