PE1ITR - 144MHz Station

Last update

In 1984 - 1987 I was active on 144MHz SSB from my old QTH: JO21UL (old qra-locator system: CL49a). Since oktober 2003 I'm QRV again from my new QTH: JO21QK.

Antenna for 144MHz is 2x10 elements homemade Yagi (Design DL6WU). The antenna system is 10 meter above ground level and has full computer azimuth and elevation control. The stacking horizontal distance between the two 10 el yagi's is 3,30 Meter. The antenna's are only 1,5 meter above the roof, so at 90 degrees elevation the distance between the reflector and roof is 4 cm.
There is also 2x16 elements flexa yagi for 432MHz, 1x10 elements yagi for 222MHz and a 26 element flexa yagi for 1296MHz.

Station update (2009-04-26):10el 222MHz yagi removed and 67el 2400MHz yagi installed. Second receiver: Converter 144>28MHz, SDR-IQ, Linrad.

Station update (2010-04-11):67el 2400MHz yagi removed and 4x16el 432MHz yagis installed.

I'am qrv on Tropo, Es, MS, EME and SAT with SSB/CW/FSK441/JT65 modes.

I'am using an IC-910 as main tranceiver. A wideband sdr receiver is running parallel using the SDR-IQ from rf space.

- IC-910
- 3sk183 Pre-amp
- RM-VLA200 PA 200w output
- Yaesu G-5600B Elevation and Azimuth rotor
- Labjack usb interface for rotor control
- Converter 144 > 28MHz, SDR-IQ
- Laptop computer running Linux and Windows and using: Linrad, WSJT, Predict, Nova
- and some home made interfaces thats links the equipment together.

This is my shack at the moment. No chair!.

Found some old 144MHz recordings:
Recording SSB Meteorscatter 1985: SM4KYN
Recording SSB Meteorscatter 1985: YU1MWP
Received my first EME signal with single 10el yagi in 1985. The direct tropo signal and the moon echoes are heard: DL8DAT