(2017-08-02) PE1ITR

My current antenna situation. This is an 9el DK7ZB

I have several unorganized web pages about 144Mhz. Some are old and not maintained. I try to collect these pages on this page in an attempt to create a structure.

Station @ JO21QK:

My current station:
  • FT817 / FT450D with 28 to 144MHz transverter.
  • HA8ET preamp.
  • 400w PA
  • Several antenna's. On my house (9m agl) 2x10 el DL6WU but I have a lot of s9+++ man made noise. It is not usable anymore. My garden is relative noise free and I have put here a temporary mast max 6m above ground. Downside is that 320 to 100 degrees azimuth is blokked. I use 9el 28ohm DK7ZB or 9el 12.5ohm OWL.


  • 144MHz Station (2010)
  • My QTH JO21QK (2016)

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